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Cartiê Bressão

Pedro Garcia de Moura was born and raised in Rio, but went to live out his "exile" years working as an art director in London and Buenos Aires.

Upon returning in 2011, missing the birds that chirp here, he dressed up as a lambe-lambe in a carioca carnival block. In a carnivalesque epiphany, he discovered his vocation to portray the daily life of the Cité Merveilleuse.

Cartiê Bressão, a character created to represent this new facet of the artist, is a humorous and anthropophagic tribute to the father of 20th century street photography, Frenchman Henri-Cartier Bresson. The photo captions, a good-humored mix of French and Carioque, emphasize the unique Brazilian way of facing life, that je ne sais quoi tupiniquim.

His work started with an Instagram account and soon spread over the internet, with wide repercussion in the national and international media, which has already yielded interviews with  Jo Soares  and  Paulo César Pereio , to a book financed by his fans, lectures around Brazil, works exhibited at ArtRio and in a solo exhibition at Galeria Tempo, Palácio do Planalto and Rio de Janeiro International Airport.



- Tempo/ArtRio Gallery 2014

- Tempo Gallery (Rio) 2014 - Solo

- Planalto Palace (Brasilia) 2015 - Solo

- Rio Galeão International Airport 2016 - Solo

- Yes! We Have Bikini (CCBB Rio) 2017 - Group show

- SINGULAR: Five looks at Inhotim (Inhotim) 2017/collective ebook


Exhibition on the arrival and departure windows of Rio's International Airport


Exhibition on the arrival and departure windows of Rio's International Airport


Book "Liberté, egalité et brasilité"

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